Monday, August 28, 2017

Careless Abandon

With careless abandon
the river gives itself knowing that the
Ocean will be there to receive her.

With nothing but trust all of nature
is giving itself to this moment.

Nothing to hold back or deny.

Even in slow death the surrender
of a dying animal is obviously there.
And beautiful to behold

All of nature is taken care of and so are we.
Life is naturally good and god and bountiful.

We are that life as well as we are made out of
the very same substance.
From 'All that Is' 
to the cellular components which are the 
building blocks of this Universe.

Everyone has its own discoveries, 
has its own path,
has its own way of unveiling all 
that stands in the way of directly perceiving
what we are and what Life is.

One of the main lessons I have received 
apart from this innate trust in Life is:
'Do not get stuck anywhere
always further
always more to discover.'

Life is too vast to be put into anyone's conceptual box.

And at the same time:
Life is simply this
living as itself.
Just what is in front of us right now.

A cup of coffee next to me
songs from a nearby village
geckos and birds 
while the sun comes over the horizon.

Nothing complicated or spiritual about this.
Simply this.

Time for breakfast.


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