Tuesday, September 5, 2017


The coffee is still too hot to drink
my love is turning over in bed
geckos are chirping
fridge is humming
birds everywhere 
singing their song.

In the timelessness of now it is 6.54 am.

Is there a time apart from now?

Through the intelligence of this body mind,
there always has been a wish, a need 
to explore, to investigate.
To find out how life functions.

Emotions, thoughts, perceptions.
Natural phenomena, 
relational encounters.
What is this life?

e.g. what do we meet when we meet a person?
What makes up the energetic interchange 
when we speak to someone?

Is there an natural openness and aliveness?
Or is it burdened by assumptions, expectations? 

How open and sensitive are we to existence?
And to ourselves?

How clogged are our perceptual instruments?
All the beliefs and assumptions we have.

How much of what comes up in us is authentic,
original, spontaneous?

How much is habitual, conditioned by our past?

Do we let our lives be governed by concepts
of other wise men or women?

Are we afraid to think for ourselves, 
to stand on our own feet?

Or do we have the courage to trust what is true for us 
and live and act from there?

And are we original enough to question 
the one who is perceiving?

Who and what is the true identity of the the one
who is reading these words.

Who are you?

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