Sunday, September 4, 2011


Opening up to
what is
what you are
right here
right now,
the seeking stops, the search ends.

From a personal point of view a calamity.
An existence where there are no more goals
no more ideas and ideals to go after.
The center of the universe,
the idea of being a person,
has collapsed.
And everything which made sense before
is now seen to be empty, meaningless.
A black hole which sucks up all the crutches
which hold up the pseudo identity.

And then, existence pulled free
from this limited point of view,
reveals itself to itself.
And Life becomes a wondrous happening.
A mysterious unknown
where everything is full of meaning
is fullness itself
without explanations
the immediacy of perceiving what is
the beauty
the earsplitting silence
the peace which passeth all understanding
the total acceptance of what is
choicelessly aware