Thursday, September 15, 2011


Tomorrow is your birthday, 3 years old.
In the last year I've seen
the seamless openness you are
slowly being covered over by the story of
the little boy, the son, the brother
that thickened itself to a skin the size
of your body

You have been asked to name and label all the
thingies in your world:

Duck, boat, sheep, peanutbutter etc.

And by doing so made them seem different
and separate from you.
Creating a chasm in your seamless existence.

I have seen the tension with which you did
this, as if sensing that, yes you have to do
this in order to come by, but knowing
that it comes with a price.

A few months ago you were suffering from
a severe rash on your skin, you were irritable
tensed, uncomfortable, thrashing, crying.
There was no known cause for your rash,
which went on for many days
I told your mother:
'he is allergic to the man-made world.'
She did not understand me,
and must have thought me slightly mad.

Last time i saw you,
a few days ago,
a nice little boy enclosed in your skin,
oblivious to the wholeness you are

We have all been through this process
many years ago.
Believing others and by doing so
identified with this puppet we carry

Isn't it time to break the mould
break out of our skins and
reclaim what is ours?

Recognize what we are
always have been
the seamless totality in
which everything appears.