Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Spirituality, like all words, is a concept.
We do not know exactly what it is but
have endowed it with all kinds of meaning.
And for every person it represent something else:

Higher states of consciousness.
Hours of meditation to reach enlightenment.
The assuming of an attitude of aloofness and holiness.
The belief in a deeper/higher reality than 
what we are able to perceive.
Devotion for deities, gods and gurus.

The list is long.

And yes, it is all in the realm of possibilities in the story of humankind.

What is talked about here is something different.
It is plain looking at what is real,
without concepts and beliefs.

Reality as defined in a dictionary:
something that exists independently of all other things
and from which all other things derive.

Simply looking what is.
Life perceiving Itself.
As it is.