Thursday, November 10, 2011

Seeing - Knowing

The knowing referred to here is
already operating in every one.
This knowing is immediate and effortless.
Its the direct perceptions through the senses.
Without it no body mind organism 
could function in this world.

This knowing is not an intellectual knowledge,
thinking things over, 
forming an opinion.

Its not an encyclopedia of facts 
which one can bring forth
at timely moments.

Its not the akashwa records 
which mysteriously drops down
and makes one spout utterances 
of past lives and future events.

This knowing is the immediate noticing 
of all that is present.
Which is ALWAYS operating already 
whether one notices this consciously or not.

Its knowing without a doubt 
the sensations of hearing, tasting, seeing,
smelling, thinking, sensing at every moment.

The moment food comes in the mouth,
immediately one KNOWS
( without labeling it as such )
whether the food is hot or cold,
whether it is salty or sweet,
whether it is smooth and soft
or crisp and chunky.
Nobody needs to tell you that.

Its the immediate KNOWING
( without labeling it as such )
of a headache
or tickling sensations on the foot.
Whether a sense of well being is there
or a bout of depression
or some irritations.
Nobody needs to tell you that.

Its the immediate effortless knowing of all
that comes in through the senses.

Its as simple as that.
Appearing in the immediacy of presence
of what you are.

Just this.