Sunday, February 12, 2012

The missing piece

There is only One, there is no second.
In This and as This all appears and disappears.
Being always only One.
Immutable, unmoving.

There is no other aspect, there is no other thing, there is no other person.
There is only One.
So how could there be anything else.?
So how could something exist apart from One.?

To assume there is something apart from One is illusion
Its not reality.
No separate person exists.

Once this is seen all falls into place.
The missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle.
And then all is seen as it is.
Simple ordinary awareness,
already the case as it is.

And then one can fall on one's knees in gratitude
for the wonder of it all which is One, which is me, which is you,
which is everything, as nothing exist apart from
this which is already happening, is happening,
right at this moment, which includes all and all
and everything.
And words do not apply, and nothing can describe
the beauty, the openness, the aliveness, the intimacy
all happening as One, in One.

Breaking all bounds,
Bursting open the heart
Falling to pieces