Monday, February 27, 2012


Received the following email:  

Just read your blog "Watching the clay dry" this morning. What happened to the sparkle of joy and humour ? all buried and overwhelmed by depression? At least it seems a bit that way for your devoted readers.

 This is the answer: 
No depression whatsoever. 
Just nothingness, emptiness which becomes an immobile massive silence. 
Everything stops. 
Could sit for hours and Edgar Tolle came to mind sitting on a bench. And when i drove through some villages yesterday, the insight that when awareness is aware of itself, not moving out to the world, its emptiness and silence.  
And when it is aware of itself and the world its love, happiness. And then Nisargadatta's words made themselves known:  

'Wisdom is knowing I am nothing, 
 Love is knowing I am everything,
 and between the two my life moves.'