Saturday, January 5, 2013

it's everything less..

From Jed Mckenna's notebook:

"The enlightened state is not, as is commonly supposed, the special state.

The unenlightened state is the magical, mysterious, incomprehensible state. Awake is just awake. It’s not something more, it’s everything less.

My state is natural and easy. I carry no baggage. I labor under no delusion. I don’t spend my life force animating a fictional persona. All paradox lies with the unawakened state.

The awakened don’t have something that the unawakened are missing, it’s the other way around.

The unawakened possess massive structures of false belief. They create and maintain these vast realms of past, present and future; of great meaning and importance; of a deep and wide emotional range; all woven together out of sheer nothingness. Something from nothing; that’s the magic, that’s the special state.

The unawakened state is the one that requires such ceaseless dedication and devotion and which seems so fantastically improbable. The awakened state is nothing compared to that. 

The lifeforce I’m not using to project a false self is now available for much more fun and interesting purposes. It's a whole different universe once all that petty self crap has been left behind.

This is a link to an interview,  or better an uninterview, or conversation between Jerry Katz and me on 28 December 2012.


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  1. Whot?? This is a well and good but should be put into perspective. What is Jed talking about?
    "Awakened state, unawakened state?" "His" lifeforce? Something he can use or not use?
    What's wrong with somebody who 'uses' the life force for making loads of money or anything else, any choice there? It's anyway only ever The One being it all. There is no awakened or unawakened state, that's all just a story, if we think we are not awake, it's also ever only THAT and it makes no difference, because there is only THAT, ever. The seeker reads all this stuff and wants to be awakened, which is an impossibility, because it is already the case and there is only THAT. Jed puts out a carrot and makes it sound special, what a trap. Douchebag. But then of course, all is well and all is fine and all is as it is............and here we go and could argue endlessly, after all there are appearances, but the appearances are what???.........!!!