Thursday, January 3, 2013

Absurdly content

A deep pink orange sky
Mosquitos zoom in,
looking for bare skin.
Dishes and cutlery
cling and clang in the neighbors house.

One side effect of this perspective
is the lack of anxiety about imperfection.
The lack of tension.
Of wanting things to be different.
There is an absurd contentment a lot of the time.

Of course life is throwing its interesting 
titbits in this open empty space.
Last week through misunderstanding and 
mistrust from someone i got threatened 
to have some thugs come and beat me up. 
She said:  

I know where you live and work. We will come after you.

Very interesting to see what happens when 
these words were uttered.
 Fear, anxiety and shrinking came through.
And then to see that these are words and ideas
and have nothing to do with what is real.
Seeing that what one is cannot be touched.

Confronting the situation full on.
No choice in that,  
as there is no separation
and no one who is separate.

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