Sunday, August 25, 2013


Knowing that I am not a person.

Not knowing what I am.

Do you?

Do you buy into everything they have told you?
Society, education, upbringing?

Are you your thoughts? 
is that where your identity lies?

Or is it more your feelings,
moods which can give physical sensations?
Is that you?

Do you have the courage to look at your
identifications in another way?

Dare questioning the status quo?
This is me.

Is it?

What you are is no object,
it is not a thing,
it is nothing that you can name,
it is not solid

One can become a little disoriented,  
dizzy, whoosy going from the identification 
of form to this formless openness.

Remember this is not about thoughts and concepts. 
It is an investigation,
looking how things are

Let go of all concepts,  and just look, see.

What you are does not come and go
it is always right here and now
Does not judge and label
Already totally available
and present
Without effort
Without practice
Already the looking through your eyes
Already the hearing of the sounds
Already life living

Always happening NOW.

This is IT..

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