Sunday, August 18, 2013

Nothing personal

Nothing is personal.

The person is not real.

It does not mean that the energy patterns created
by our beliefs,  our concepts,  
all the things we think is me, do not exist.

They do exist, and this is the cause of the creation of
the energetic construct of a me.
And what makes us experience ourselves as separate
and independent.

The beliefs which were holding this idea 
of a person together when we were a 
child are different than what is holding 
this me together right now.

So it is not solid and has no independent existence.

The problem comes when we hear a statement like:
The person does not exist.

Fear and anxiety might come up.
We get scared because this is all we know.
We know ourselves as this person.

In reality the only thing that dies 
is the ideas we have of ourselves.

The me we think we are, 
is seen for the construct it is.
The illusion is seen through.

We notice and know that we are existing.
Are existence itself
in which everything appears and disappears.

From a tight fist,  the person, the resistance,
its an opening of the hand ,  a flowing,
and just seeing, knowing, experiencing.

This is all there is.

Just This..

Simplicity itself

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