Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hope ?

It is the habit of mind to make sense.
To put things into place and organize.

And i see that after the hypnosis of being an 
independent entity has been seen through, 
mind continues more subtly to see patterns and 
trying to fit everything  into the scheme of things, e.g:

Is there an evolutionary transformation happening?
Are more and more awakenings happening?
Is the planet waking up?

( Is there still hope? )

Or one goes, or people around oneself are going 
through changes, ( like always ) and mind 
can cleverly comment: this is part of the 
awakening process, or some other process,
any process and comes up with arguments to testify to this.

( Is there still a kind of order, continuity, something we
   can follow and which makes sense?  )

How do we ever know?

It is an inexplicable mysterious happening.
Each moment.

Mind is too concerned with seeing patterns.
And it is too narrow,  too late.

And as soon as the mind comes up with a statement
there is a position,  a reference point.
A place from which the world and self is seen 
and commented upon

Can we live in unknowing?

Seeing the tendencies of the mind to understand
and grasp and let this pass?

Can we give up everything at each moment
again and again.

Emptying out everything,
not holding on to any position.?

A total open portal.

Can we?

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