Saturday, May 24, 2014

The easiest way to San Francisco...

Confusion confusion
who am I?
Am i the one who is trying to figure out these ND words
trying to understand this ununderstandable message?
Or is the process of trying to understand just an automatic
functioning of the mind.?

Like the heart is beating
and the blood is pumping
the mind is trying to understand.
As this is what the mind does.
Trying to figure things out, 
organize and put them into place.

But then who am I?
And who is asking the question who am I?

Is it the same mind which wants to know 
the easiest way to travel to San Francisco?

You can't get there, here,  with the mind.
You re already here.
Let the mind run and run
and meanwhile just look
and see.

Where are you right now?

Here isn't it?

And what do you notice?

You notice noticing

You see seeing happening

You experience experiencing happening

This is It...

Too simple for the mind
who will go on a few million more rounds
trying to figure out the unfiguroutable.

And while it goes on,  and on and on,
just notice noticing happening,
aware of awaring happening.

Naturally and spontaneously
Always on,  
always on going
and there is not a someone there
doing it.

Just life happening.

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