Saturday, August 2, 2014


What if we were never separate in the first place.?

What if the energetic contraction 
which is felt at this moment is just 
a temporary suit and mask which
we agreed to wear at a masked ball party.?

And then we forgot that it
was just a party and kept 
wearing this persona.
Pretending to be so and so.
Everyone playing a game.
Cases of mistaken identity.

What if in allowing this possibility
to be felt.. this perfume to enter
that we are just actors in our own movie.?
The simple dawning of the realization
that we are in fact NOT this person with
this story...?. 

What if we could perceive of the possibility 
that we are in fact the screen 
and all the props 
and characters appearing,  
we are the walls, 
the smells 
and all the sights 
and sounds.?

And we are the One watching the movie as well.

In fact there is nothing outside of what I am.

What if this is already how it is?

What if?

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