Sunday, August 10, 2014

Life at Zero Distance

How far do we have to travel,
what distance we have to go,
what time frame will deliver,
the freedom from ourselves?

In a way we all feel something is not right.
We look for happiness somewhere else.
Because where we are it is not.

And that is right.

When the identification is not seen through,
when we believe ourselves to be
a someone separate from what is,
the filters in place will distort our perceptions.

Life is experienced through a haze of concepts and ideas.

Life feels limited,  predictable and boring.

A daily routine, 
or family set up, 
or work situation,
or our depression and illness,
we blame for an unfulfilled life.

What if for once we question everything.
All labels, beliefs and assumptions.

And inquire into the nature of what we truly are.

 The freedom from the idea of being a someone
will strip us naked.

And we will discover that fulfillment
is here and now.

Life at zero distance.

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