Thursday, June 23, 2016

Comfort zone

From the position of feeling oneself a person,
separate, independent and autonomous,
the message of Nonduality is synonymous with suicide.

And if one is content with life as it is, 
if life is going well for you, 
if you are comfortable and at ease,
i would not go near this message.

But it can happen that through
bereavement, accidents or loss,
the promises of our culture and upbringing 
are seen as empty and false, 
and we start to question the existing status quo.
Who am I?  
What is it i call me?
What is it in my experience which limits me?
What are my beliefs, assumptions? 
And is this what i am?

Cracks in the armour of our personal self through
upheavals can be a first step
towards a discovery of greater freedom.

An invitation to reality.
And a stripping away of all that is standing in the way

A message of freedom may be uncovered 
going through life most difficult challenges.
As we are challenged and are forced
to look further than our comfort zone.

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