Friday, December 2, 2016

At Last

a Flu, a bronchitis 
and the body and mind gets affected.

For weeks on end no energy.
And there is no one who is bothered 
by the lack of life force.

There is simply what is.
Just as breaking 3 bones in the foot 10 months ago was never experienced as a problem.

Resistance to what is is increasingly evaporating.
And the welcoming of whatever wants to show itself 
allows an ever deeper sinking in and as Presence.

It is interesting to see the residues 
of contractions of the past 
( which can be viewed as resistance to what was
being tickled out of their hiding places, 

Finally allowed to release the charge.
Allowed to relax the tensions in the guts, 
and the holding of unexamined beliefs.

Finally it can be felt.
Finally it can let go.

So instead of the habitual response to resist the feelings
of discomfort, sadness or pain,
(which are after all only sensations felt in different parts of the torso in varying  degrees of intensity
to rejoice as Love and Presence take their rightful place again.

Now becoming ever more Now
As attention is no longer captured by past stories, 
but free to be with and as whatever
at this moment.

1 comment:

  1. If I take a pain pill for my back problem, does it mean I resist to the feeling of the pain?