Sunday, April 23, 2017

My Jacket

in my experience..

there is no arrival.
A place where suddenly all is miracle and happiness
for ever after.

If there is one thing permanent it is impermanence.

Things are always in flux, 
on the way to become something else.

Seasons, tides, moods, bodies, climate, political landscapes.
continents, relationships.

Name anything at all, you can be sure it is in process.  

There can be processes of unveiling:
things getting clearer, awakenings, 
revelations, insights

Or processes of veiling:
brain hemorrhages, 
emotional upheavals, life's demands,
Alzheimer and slow decay.

And those will change again
for better or worse.

The search for permanent happiness, 
( what enlightenment is often associated with
is in many of us a wish to escape. 

Not having the willingness, courage or strength to cope 
with what is showing up in our lives.

as a suggestion...

maybe become interested in that which perceives all this?

Who is it that watches the show of sense perceptions 
always happening now? 
And only now.

Who or what is taken in by the story line of me?
The thoughts and feelings coming up and appropriated by
an identity around which we have given 
the importance of my life.
And which propels us in a time line of past and future.
Away from right now.

Find out what remains when you realize that
personal identity is a loosely worn jacket.

Who and what are you right now without thinking about it? 

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