Thursday, April 6, 2017

No Drama

We, as life living through our body and mind, are capable of the amazing feature of forgetting our true nature. 
And instead identify with character, body appearance, history, religious and national traits.  

The vastness of life is taking itself to be a temporary manifestation.

Which carries with it instantly the fear of extinction.

Because what is temporary will one day stop. 
And if we identify with what is limited and transitory 
we believe that we will one day cease to exist. 

While in truth we are eternal. 

We are life, 
for a while living in the story where we 
currently are finding ourselves. 

And after knowing who we truly are, the story does not stop.  
We do not become suddenly empty headed nobodies 
floating in an imaginary infinite.

After all what we are is not sterile and removed from life.
We are this life with everything which presents itself.

We only have stopped limiting ourselves to be this or that.

We are all of it. 
We are the ocean and the waves.

Once we know ourselves to be everything and ever present, 
no matter what shows itself at any given moment, 
we can start to appreciate the richness of life.

For instance the amazing functioning intelligence of the body.

If the belief in our story weakens, 
if we unwind the personal traits and trails of identity 
locked and stored in the tissues and cells
we might hear the voice of the body. 

A very quiet voice.

No concepts. 
Or spiritual goals..

Just the natural functioning of the body.

With a wisdom so simple, 
self evident, 
without drama.

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