Tuesday, December 27, 2011

it goes on...

and of course the list goes on,

the ndhl's which are coming in my mailbox every day 
are a source of delight, inspiration, and recognition,

the event of SAND happening, 
which are such an obvious expression of
this amazing open perspective,
 ( its breath taking )

the joy of meeting from time to time with Didier, 
who got knocked out of the personal confines 
by Ramesh Balsekar 13 years ago,
and practically the only one i can 
share this perspective with here.

and my ex partner who is visiting at the moment 
also recently recognized the obvious, 
and then one can just be together
without the past.

In other words the upsurge of gratitude 
is continuing on and on..


thank you

thank you

there is no end to it

one calls it grace or love as well

and there are no sides

there is nobody

its just happening