Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Recognizing one's natural state is easy
and has been seen by every one already.
After all its what we are.
How can one not notice one's beingness?

More problematic seems to be accepting
the ordinariness of it.

We are unable to let go of the stories we have come to believe
and have never verified for ourselves.
And the core-belief of being a separate someone sets us of
on all kinds of things to do and to achieve.

In other words the simplicity might turn us off.
After all, no more goals to reach,
no more hopes for a better future.
Just this,
here and now.

Also there need not be any great revelations or blinding lights.
Its just the quiet noticing of everything.
And you are not apart from That which is noticed.
You are That.

Are you able to settle for That?