Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Letter to a friend..

Dear Jerry,

In your last email for the second time you thank me 
for making you feel welcome in Amsterdam.
So i paused with this, 
and then all the instances came back where ND teachers 
have been open to me when i was still puzzled by it all. e.g.
Leo Hartong, John Wheeler, Greg Goode, 
Rupert Spira and others.

They have been patient, welcoming, 
answering my emails sometimes in a matter of hours, 
meeting with me, not asking anything in return.
There was never an agenda, 
something they wanted to get out of it.
There was this impersonal energy 
which i can now call Love, 
which wanted to clarify, 
wanted the confusion to go so also in 
this body mind organism awareness could recognize itself.
And it did.

So now here there is the natural functioning 
which is also opening and welcoming 
anywhere it finds the need, 
or the joy of recognition.

So really, it is not of my doing, its impersonal, 
 it comes spontaneous and probably 
especially towards you.
( but that is also not thought out ).
Because i am aware that you were an amazing 
instrument all those years ago, 
who brought all these small factions together, 
in a way started it all, made it all happen.
And just on my terrace eating my breakfast 
and now again typing this to you, 
i feel tears of gratitude and joy for it all.