Monday, August 27, 2012


These last weeks there have been quite some 
discussions in ND circles on the internet 
about teachers charging money
for satsangs and retreats.
I was wondering why we make such an issue out of it. 

When a robber on the street assaults you, he might say: 
‘Your money or your life.’

Someone who gives satsangs has even more to say to that:
‘Your money and your life.’  

If one is willingly going to satsang knowing fully 
well what is at stake:  your life  
( after all you are asked to see through the illusion of 
the person you believe yourself to be )   
and you are willingly sacrificing this life,   
what is the big deal of a little money next to that.
It pales in comparison to what you are asked to give up.

Actually a person going to satsang 
is coming for his/her own death.
If you think about it is crazy.  
Who wants that?
Really, a sane person would stay away 
from Nonduality, from satsangs.   
You are asked to give up everything.

The person will never get This.
The person has to die....  
Its only through Grace that 
something of a shift takes place. 
And after the shift happens it leaves 
one disoriented, empty and bewildered.
If you want my advice: 
stay away from Nonduality and teachers. 

Keep your money and run.
Run for your life...    ;-)

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