Monday, May 21, 2012

Impediments ?

If you are looking for being on a high all day 
as your version of enlightenment,  
you better take some pills.

As far as i know it does not exist.
What goes up comes down.

Rather notice that all is happening in what you are.

You are that space in which all appears.
This is freedom from the relative.

Then anything and everything 
can and does happen and it is fine.
This includes death, depression 
and any kind of emotion.

I have known poverty and hunger, 
seen death and gone through separation 
and truly these are not impediments 
to knowing who and what you are.

Do not be fooled by externals,  
look,  notice that you are That
in which all takes place.

This is your true home,  
your identity.
You are That.