Sunday, May 13, 2012


What we are is always already operating, 
in place.
It is already the immediate perception of 
what is.

Of what, 
at this moment takes place.

The immediate perception of the senses.
The noticing of thoughts and feelings.

It is already registering 
at every moment what is.

Moment by moment.

Already in place.
Information coming in. 

Experiencing going on,
Now and 
now and 

There is nothing in the way of 
this immediate functioning.
It is already the case.
For everybody.

We do not notice it much 
as all our attention goes into
believing the thoughts.

Goes into the idea of being a person. 

And the functioning 
which is already going on is 
in the background.

Is on the back burner.
Hardly noticed.
But all the while already there.

And nothing stands in the way 
of noticing the immediate perception
Here and Now.

We do not have to meditate, 
stand on our heads, 
go to India.

It is already taking place. 

Just have a look.

Notice it.