Monday, May 14, 2012

Hit by the infinite

Dullness after waking up, 
as the night shift is in full swing. 
Cars are passing by the canal in front of the house.

A neighbor next door is talking to someone,
slams her door and runs down the stairs.
There is still daylight and i get ready for my shift.

A interview was done a few days ago,   
it was unprepared, spontaneous.  
The first interview on this subject.
And the recognition that this aware space 
which is our home,  our being,  
our normal day to day awareness with all
that takes place becomes more alive,  happy,  
flowing once one talks about it.

As soon as you open your mouth and 
try to talk about the unspeakable
there is something of That which comes through.

It makes one happy to talk about it.   
It makes people happy to see and hear it.
Not because of the words,  
it is because of the energy coming through.   

The resonance.

That is why teachers talk,  
and people go to satsangs and workshops.

To get hit by the infinite.

Here is a link,  
it is in Dutch.