Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sinking slowly

Late afternoon
A magpie robin sings beautifully
while the sun is sinking slowly
behind the trees.

Rays of sunlight
coloring the living room in
deep yellow orange.

Two young mongoose
running over the terrace 
in quick movements
looking up when they hear
the typing sounds
from the laptop.

The wind coming in through
the windows
touches the skin.

Perceiving is on going at all times.
One knows a thought
One knows a sensation,  a feeling,
One knows a sound,  a form,  a shape.

Cognizing what is
Without words.
Always already happening.

In order to write this post one describes and
labels in order to communicate.
But always with the understanding that
there is no independent person doing it.
The perceiving is never separate from what is perceived.

Its emptiness cognizing.

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