Friday, February 15, 2013


Whatever appears
Whatever it is
What a marvel

How can we be not amazed
Awe struck.

The simple fact of colors
What is it?
What is the color blue??

Or shapes and forms.
Endless variations and possibilities

And what about movement?
From here to there.

A hand moves through space.
without a story,  without interpretation.
Its awesome.

Thoughts and emotions
showing up from nowhere
telling a story
isn't it amazing that this is happening at all?

And the most amazing thing is
that everything is known instantly.
Is recognized for what it is.
Yellow is seen as yellow
and a square is recognized as such.
Irritation is known
as well as the wind on your face.

There is no gap in this cognizing.
Its happening in a split second,  even less.
It is instantaneous.
The immediacy and intimacy of knowing.

There is no space between the observer and the observed.
If you look closely its only observing,  cognizing that
is happening, at all times.

Did you notice?

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