Sunday, February 10, 2013

Are you "done" ?

A well known ND teacher visited last week.
We spent a day,  going around,  shopping, 
eating and talking a lot.
We came to the conclusion that being 'done' 
is not a reality for both of us.

Nothing, is ever fully 'done',
as life always moves,
is in motion,
changes from one form to another.
It is never static.

However, the recognition of Being,
in which all takes place IS,
and is what we are,
IS unchanging
and always so.

And in This the body mind hypnosis
build up over decades unwinds itself.
Changes shape,  as life throws up one thing
after another.

The mind can make up all kinds of stories and they become
real because they are believed in.
The infinite capacity of Awareness to create anything.
Whatever we believe in,  becomes reality.

Question everything:
whatever you believe
whatever you perceive,
whatever appears
You are not that
You are not a thing.
You are No Thing
You are Nothing.

You are the cognizing emptiness in which all takes place.
Right Here Right Now.
Already the case
If you can see through the mind made construct
you believe yourself to be.

Find out for yourself.

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