Monday, May 13, 2013


When, where, what, who, why?

Questions,  questions,
an opening in the being....
a wanting to know
Born out of not knowing..

A child is forever questioning.
She/he does not know,
is in a state of not knowing.
Is in the natural state and is at ease.
But tries to make sense of this world of appearances.
How to live this life of a separate self and world.
And while doing so falls out of paradise.

Then as an adult we start the return journey.
We know how the world of appearances works,
we have been at it for years.

How to pay our taxes,  
or how the public transport system runs.
How to cook a meal,  
or how not to stand out at a dinner party.

If we are lucky something kicks in 
and begins the questioning,
wants to return home.

Why are we here?
Who am I?


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