Friday, May 10, 2013

Where on earth..?

Where on earth are we at home?
Is it in a special location, 
with favorable circumstances?

Do we need to strive for those ever changing variables?
Endlessly trying to put the right pieces together?
Which are ever changing and falling 
in and out of harmony continuously?

The right place,  the right climate,  the right relationship,
the right working place,  the right spiritual atmosphere,
the right friends,  social contacts..

Pheww.... that sounds like a full time job,
and with the prospect that the place called home 
escapes us again and again.

There is always something to improve
Never quite right
Isn't it?

When as a child our identity shrunk from no separation to
the body mind,  we fell out of paradise.
Lost the one place which is ours
and settled for a make believe story.
The story of a person who lives in world full of separate objects.

It is the identification with being a person
which locks us out of paradise.

Home is the natural state
Always here and now.
Already the case.

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