Sunday, May 19, 2013

useless words

Light feathered seed pods airborne
drift and float in their hundreds
in front of the window.
Small boats with engines
and loud laughter.
Footsteps on a wooden floor 
Sensations in the body,
a thought of a friend.

Always something is noticed,
Always something is going on.
Rising up and disappearing again
in this open spaciousness.

Sitting typing on the table,
or walking outside on the streets.
Watching a movie,
or eyes closed in bed.

Anywhere,  and everywhere this open spaciousness
is the one thing always here.
The one constant in our lives.

No need to go anywhere or do anything special.

Always here and now already,

Any idea that It is not here yet,  
is only another thought.
Any thought that your circumstances 
are not yet good enough,
that something needs to be changed 
or made perfect are only
strategies of the mind to avoid and 
look away from what at this moment
is already present.

What you are is No Thing .
It is what is seeing everything 
but has no shape or form.

Its the seeing/being/knowing
and already what you are.

Something to investigate?
Find out for yourself?

Do not take my word for it
these are just pointers,  
and have no value whatsoever
if not investigated and seen.

These are no beliefs to hang on to.

Without the actual seeing of This
they are more useless words.

Find out..

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