Saturday, July 6, 2013


All Right
at any moment
and every moment
the fullness of Life
is already appearing
as it does.

There are no mistakes.
All and every appearance
is only That appearing as It self.

The ignorance,
incompetence and
as well as
the beauty
the wisdom and

And without anybody labeling
or judging.
It is just Life happening.

Whole civilizations are born and swallowed up.
Species have come and go,
leaving their huge skeletons for us to ponder.
Galaxies and super novas exploding
The arrival of spring.
The ravaging of war.

It is the person who tries to understand and
makes sense,   and it can't.
It places itself apart from creation and tries
to capture the infinite,
That which has no name,
with order and measurements,
concepts and ideas.

It is when the idea of the person has exhausted itself
that Life recognizes Itself as the Suchness of things
The seeking and grasping coming to an end.

You equals Life equals 
the total perception of each moment
in whatever shape or form 
it chooses to appear.

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