Thursday, July 18, 2013

Returning to Source...

 Jerry katz wrote on Facebook:   
It's beautiful when things fall apart.
And the following came as a result of this sentence:

Every appearance is inevitably on the way 
towards its demise. 

A newborn baby carries the inescapable certainty 
that the body will die.   

A mountain is likewise continuously changing 
its appearance.  

Centuries from now erosion will have 
carried away large chunks of this seemingly solid 
and unchanging appearance in the landscape.

This fact of destruction, annihilation and 
falling apart is something that, 
when not resisted and judged, 
carries an incredible beauty.  
Its a feature from Source,  from Emptiness itself. 

And something which we often prefer to ignore, or avoid. 
But when we are able to take in this ravaging 
characteristic of the infinite, we see a raw,  
awesome and often exhilarating power.  
Breathtaking after natural disasters.   
After a tsunami or cyclone when all 
the world has changed appearance 
beyond recognition,
one feels awestruck...

At any moment the process of falling apart 
of dying,   
of returning to Emptiness,  
can evoke feelings of wonder and awe,   
of tenderness, 
of sadness and grief.

Any emotion might turn up witnessing 
this natural process of returning to Source. 

And these emotions also come and disappear.

All returns to Source as Source

Just happening..

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