Wednesday, July 10, 2013

the Clear View

What we know about This,
What Is,
Is that it is Here
and immediate.


That it is simple, intimate
and accessible.
and always has been.

That nothing and
has ever been able to cover
this up.

It is our own beliefs,
conditioning, concepts,
ideas that have obscured
the clear view.

And sure, anything and anyone
can be a help to expose those
beliefs,  and ideas.

Can give pointers to That,
what we are already

Stepping into this,
which simply happens
through grace,
which cannot be done,
everything is experienced
in this nowness,
hereness as one happening.

The idea of the person has lost its validity, substance
and the seamlessness of existence becomes apparent,
as it was when we were a child.

The nagging voice in the head 
always judging and commenting 
has lost its footing.

Everything is always now and perfect.

Nothing out of place.


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