Sunday, January 5, 2014


We are all empty already.

Open to receive whatever happens to be
in our field of perception at each moment.

This is already happening effortlessly
and already for every one.

Now the aspect of the emptiness might not
be obvious for most as our attention is caught
up in the identification with one particular part
of the manifestation.
And that is the person we think we are.

Without investigation of this personal contraction,
the energetic construct build up over decades and
reinforced and confirmed by society, friends, family
advertisements,  the whole freaking world, 
we will not be able to notice this 
open empty aware Something
already always there receiving,  
perceiving,  every little and amazing
thing happening at this moment,
meaning Now.

Rattle the cage,
Dare to question everything which tells you
that you are limited and separate.

What you are is: NO THING.


An open perceiving capacity,
and at the same time,
All that appears.

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