Friday, January 24, 2014

Is it true ?

Is it true what they tell us?  

Our parents, friends, society, teachers, gurus, 
newspapers, blogs and books.?
How do we know?  

Is it our own research,  observation,   
first hand knowledge? 

Or are they all stories told by someone else?
2nd hand information?

Why should we and how can we believe 
a story from someone else. 
Filtered through his/her perceptions,  abilities, 
beliefs and imaginations.
Seen through his/her lens.

What does that say about reality or about what I am? 

The only thing we can be sure of is the fact of our own being.
This is rock solid.

All beliefs, all thoughts, all actions are passing through.
Are changing shape constantly.

The brilliant thought of the moment is gone in a second.

Something poignant and intense is forgotten a few hours later.

The heartbreak from today is a bitter-sweet memory 
a few months from now. 

But then what is real?

What else can it be but what I am?
Which is always here.
Closer than close.
Beyond words.

Stay with what is eternal and unchanging.
This is real beyond belief. 

Beyond stories.

But then is this true?

And why would you believe it.?

Find out.

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