Sunday, January 26, 2014

Flapping in the wind

Quiet Sunday morning
the washing hanging on the terrace 

T shirts flapping in the wind

The sound of the windmill

clanging down

And sun light gazes



on all.

Where is the need to define and extrapolate?
To analyze and extract?

Do we need to use the mind to get to a no-mind place?

Thought cannot transcend thought : says Francis Lucille.

Then what is the instrument through 
which recognition takes place?

Can we see,  now,
without using mind or thought that there
is in our experience already a functioning,
an ability to see clearly,
to know without thoughts.?
A knowledge through identity.?

Attention makes contact with something
and knows it by sensing it, being it.  
Because there is already no distance.

It is not something to achieve,
it is not somewhere to get,
it is not an understanding which is lacking.

It is plain seeing already happening now
without the use of thought.

To realize that the place of not knowing
is already where we are.
Everything appears miraculously
and is known.

Absolute intimacy.

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