Monday, March 5, 2012


Can we conceive of the possibility that what is happening right now is already the Fullness, the Aliveness?
If we hear that we are That already, 
that It is already the case, 
that we are never separate from It because we are It, 
then what more needs to happen to experience this? 
What do we overlook?

Maybe there are assumptions which discard our present experience as not special enough?
This perspective is soo simple, the mind just cannot stand it, believe it.

Maybe there is a habit of looking away from the Present to 
something in the future?
While what we talk about is always here and now, nowhere else. 
Its always this moment.
With whatever appears, all the sounds, smells, thoughts, sights, feelings, sensations.
Nothing is excluded.

Maybe there is a belief in the thought-construct of being a person?
While we are this open aware presence in which everything occurs.

Maybe it is time to investigate these assumptions, 
these habits, this belief?

But maybe not, which is also fine.

Also Life just happening...