Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ruthless truth

One of the things the seeker does not want to hear
especially when it has invested a lot of time, money and intensity
into the search: hours of meditation, buying and reading
spiritual books, going for satsangs and retreats etc.,
that the search can be dropped right here and right now,
as there is no golden pot at the end of the rainbow.
There will be no enlightenment in the future.

Whatever Is is only ever Now.

Always perceived at this moment,

To be seen only Now

Only ever Now

Did you notice its always Now?

The ruthless truth is that the person you believe yourself to be will never get it.

The pristine awareness that you are already
does not need any improvement,
does not need any process to be able to comprehend itself.

Enlightenment, freedom is not for the person
its freedom from the person.


What you are looking for is
what you are looking from.

Already the case.

You are That

(But then who knows... :
maybe even though the seeker does not want to hear this,
it might be that awareness, trying to recognize Itself through you,
drops this information in your lap, so you,
after investigating this belief of being a person and seeing the fallacy of it
, might finally relax, sit back and enjoy the show ;-) )