Saturday, March 17, 2012



This it It




Falling in the moment, with the senses wide open.
Savouring each and everything which appears.

Falling on one's knees in gratitude, in wonder.

In free fall, as there is nowhere to land.

Admitting to the craziness of It.
After all one cannot understand it with the mind.
And the world has an overlay of mind.
The world we have been brainwashed into, 
have come accustomed to.
A world we have come to believe as real and solid.
The world of civilization, of the media, of our education,
of everything we believe in: morality, the sense of right and wrong,
religious and spiritual concepts.

Stepping out of this mental construct and look without the baggage.
Look at what is right here and now.
Simply This.
No clue really what it is.
But isn't it amazing?

Crazy isn't it?.
And even when i write this,
and you are reading this
it does not make any sense at all.

You can't,
i know.