Saturday, March 3, 2012

Too much

Its the habit of the mind to try to make sense,
to be able to place things, to categorize.
Its automatic and is what the mind does.
Its great as a tool to navigate through life.
The practical things of daily life.
To figure things out, to organize.

But to understand This with the mind is impossible.
The mind will listen to all these words as:
'there is only awareness', 'there is no me,' 'there is no person'
and comes up with some idea of how that will be.

How do you wear the statement: 'there is no person' ?

While in fact if This is seen to be what you are 
there is no place to land.
And any statement one makes feels false and wrong
as soon as it leaves your mouth.

Impossible to pin it down, to describe it.
Any word is too much.