Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Center stage

Information comes in at each moment.
Through all the senses, hearing, seeing,
tasting, smelling, perceiving is going on.
Its direct and immediate.
Its happening NOW.

Its on automatic and in the back ground.
We pay little attention to it because
we have given thoughts center stage.

Absorbed by its own stories mind
endlessly comments about things
already passed, or things which have not
Always out of tune with NOW.
But around this we have constructed an identity.
This is me.

Lopsided we go through life
sensing something is not quite right.
And as the mind and thoughts are 
habitually accustomed to go out 
and look for answers, 
that is where the solution
is thought to be found.
In books, and seeing teachers.
The mind trying to figure out its own demise.

While all the while the solution is where we are.
Seeing, perceiving already always on going
in the immediacy of presence.

There never was a blockage, there never was
a closed door only a thinking identiy
mistaken itself as separate.
Its a matter of noticing the fallacy of thought
and all the stories it tells.

It bears no more weight 
than a cloud moving in front of the sun.
And as a cloud it leaves no trace.