Sunday, October 30, 2011

To be death to the world

An unconcern is present which does not
care much one way or another,
 as All is well.
All is seen to be o.k..
So there is no preference for another thing to happen
then the current experience.
All is equally fine and perfect.
Outwardly this might look disinterested
and cold, and it is as no thing,
relationship, death, accident, happening
makes a dent in the wholeness and completeness
which is always present.
Nobody at home.

But then as involvement is necessarily part of
Life, once engagement in one activity or the other
is taking place, it happens with the utmost concern,
eye for detail, and care.
Life unfolds as if there is an absorption by the
task at hand, and it is.
Nobody at home.

Task accomplished;
its immediately forgotten,
leaves no trace.