Sunday, October 16, 2011

Peanut butter

One generally can agree to statements like:

"As you see yourself you see the world".

An angry man lives in an angry world.
A happy woman sees a happy environment.
Our beliefs and states of minds are determining
the way we perceive.
Why then the inability to apply this knowledge,
when we turn around to ourselves, and our
so called limitations?

We are told we are unlimited and free already and
the only reason we feel ourselves to be a person and
bound is because we believe it is so.
One more time:
Freedom is already the case..
So change it around, take on this knowledge and see
that indeed it is our beliefs which keep us bound.

Try it on:
Unlimited space like awareness
Already free.
Never bound.
Beliefs and notions of a person are
floating and gelling in this empty full
unnameable Something.

And i agree peanut butter has nothing to do with anything.
Just like these posts have nothing to do with what is already the case.
Whether this is written or not is irrelevant.
And if someone reads it or gets it or not matters as much as the dung beetle
rolling over his ball of shit while standing on its head.
( which by the way is beautiful to watch )
Nothing is ever lost, nothing is ever accomplished.
This radiant immovable Something includes already All there is.
And there isn't anybody Else.
That's why there is such a lightness to it.
It really does not matter.