Monday, October 24, 2011

Passing through

With right understanding,
simply by questioning,
by observing what is going on,
one will see that our conditioning is just that:
Nothing solid, nothing permanent either.
Things come and go.
Even if some hang around for some time
they always disappear.

At one point it must become obvious
that all these things are put there by circumstances,
by happenings in our life, by our culture and education,
over which we had no control.
So why to be burdened by it?
Why to take it on as belonging to me?
We had no choice in any of this.

So let it happen as if it has nothing to do with you.
Even the most sticky ones, the most me-felt ones,
See and recognize that even that is
only conditioning passing through.

Simply let go of the identification.
No struggles.
Just see them coming and going.

You are the seeing.