Sunday, October 9, 2011


Your true identity is irrevocably This.
Already the case.

To go and seek enlightenment or awakening
shows a confusion, a misconception, as
what you Are is none other than this wordless Knowing.

No getting away from It.
So stop for once.
See and recognize what is always here already.
What is in all your experiences,
all your perceptions, all your actions
present and aware?

Is it that nameless something in which all is taking place?

The I which is seen as an observer is
itself taking place in this spaceless space.

See and recognize.
Look at your own direct experience.
It is the only thing you have.
All else is second hand knowledge
through books or teachers,
taken on by believing it.

Start where you are.
Here and now.
Dismiss all concepts and ideas,
thoughts you have about this.

See and recognize.
Your own perceptions are the only
thing which matters.
Become intensely interested in your
subjective experience.
What you are is the ultimate subject

Find out for yourself.