Wednesday, January 11, 2012

....lost your glasses ?

Stop in your tracks.
Stop for once, and notice what is always here already.
Notice what is always present in all your experiences.

See that there is a constant stream of things, coming and going.
Thoughts, feelings, sensations, conversations, people, happenings.
They all have a beginning and an end, constantly changing.

Notice that there is something which notices this stream,
something which is always there, unchanging.

This Something is just here,
it is always here.
It is never not here.
Always Present.
The one thing which is constant.

It is so close and natural to us
that we fail to notice it.

Its like the fish in the ocean looking for water
not realizing that it has been swimming in water all its life already.
Already the case.

Its like looking for your glasses while
all the time you are looking through them already.
Already the case

You are this timeless, always present awareness,
Already the case.