Thursday, January 5, 2012

What the heck....

One is the totality of one's experience here and now.
The total input of sensory perceptions, thoughts and feelings.
One sees and is the seeing.
One hears and is the hearing
One thinks and is the thoughts
One feels and is the emotions
One senses and is the taste, the smell, the touch
And all simultaneously
All inclusive
One field of perception in which all is happening
Is the happening

An orgasmic explosion of colours, tastes, moods, lights,
talks, sounds, encounters, thoughts.
An infinite variety of things coming and going
No separation
You are That

( Well what the heck is this all about... ? )

Driving the motorbike on a small country road
with the snapped tree skeletons on each side
like giant matchsticks
the airflow on one’s skin,
the smell of decaying leaves
the light of the sun reflecting on a mirror
dodging bicycles and motorbikes
two girls in brilliant coloured sari’s slowly on a moped
an old man in a lunghi looks bewildered left and right
the village pond full of water
a thought passes about the shopping to be done
fallen electricity wires like spaghetti in between the shops
a buzzard circling high up in the sky
the sound of traffic, horns,
passing blaring music
a pile of garbage mixed with leaves and branches
a young boy looks up meets your eyes, smiles and waves
seemingly moving and unmoving at the same time
as all is happening in the one space
coming and going
no separation
you are that

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